The Great 2021 Zero-Waste Recap

After your support in the 2020 Christmas Season we were able to put aside enough profits to reinvest in working to make our warehouse a zero waste facility!!

Something we believe in as a growing company is that the responsibility of positive impacts on the climate ultimately fall on businesses vs. individuals. Because of this, going zero waste was one of our first priorities after moving to our new warehouse facility. 

Six months ago we began a partnership with Gather Green, a Durham based business that prioritizes closed-loop waste reduction systems for large community gatherings and local businesses. 

A few important (and fun) facts before we dive into our recap (thanks to Kayleigh's iPad drawing skills) :


We live in a linear economy (Make, Take, Waste) 

With the help of Gather Green, we are creating closed-loop systems for both our front end of the business (packaging, shipping, etc) and production processes. (Make, Take, Return) 

Closed-loop systems place a large focus on creative reuse and diversion of waste. By utilizing closed-loop (circular) systems, we are able to reduce energy spent sending waste to landfills and even recycling facilities. 

 But what does this really look like?


From August-December of 2021, GJJH diverted 2220.2 lbs of waste from the landfill! That’s 99% of the waste we produced! 

So where did it go?

  • 85 lbs went to Creative Reuse (Community artists, 3D printing, etc)
  • 75.2 lbs went to “Business to Business” (Materials going to other businesses for a second life)
  • 69.5 lbs went to Singular Material Recycling (Label backings, plastic film, etc being appropriately recycled
  • 1815 lbs went to Compost (This includes food waste and cardboard)
  • 175.5 lbs went to Secondhand Donations (Glass bottles, furniture, etc were donated to Bull City Shares)

In addition to this, we avoided 3.83 metric tons of carbon emissions. What’s that mean? This is equivalent to taking 10 cars off the road! 

So what are our goals for 2022? To divert at least 95% of waste produced, to increase our own knowledge on closed-loop systems, get to work on a bottle return system, and to further our commitment to reduce carbon emissions through our packaging and processes (maybe even reusable BOXES?!). Stay tuned!!

Have more questions or want more in-depth answers? Feel free to email me at !


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