Judith here! Just incase you've missed our recent updates online (I know the algorithm can be fickle) I wanted you to hear from me personally about where we are and where we are headed!

The good news, we will be back beginning to mid July!! Once we come back we are smooth sailing as usual and do not foresee any interruptions to subscription orders or delays in product being available. 

Why are we sold out and not accepting orders right now?

Well, frankly...we missed the mark, despite our best efforts. Our original plan was to tackle our big warehouse move at the beginning of April and smoothly transfer operations over to our new JuJu's Basics space that we've been building. During this transition we were also entering a new phase of downsizing our staffing, welcoming my husband to our team (my full circle dream of becoming a real deal family business) and streamlining our processes. That was going to take two-three weeks. After that we would resume business as usual for the end of April/May and then I would have our first child (YAY BABY JUJU) and Trey and Elise would keep the business running as usual while I took time off for maternity leave. A little chaotic but overall, achievable. 

Unfortunately as we began approaching the end of March it was becoming obvious we were hitting some major delays with construction and well as our final inspections and new power services. We figured we could work around this and still stay on track for a smooth maternity leave. We set up a small temporary shipping space and started accepting orders on April 24th. As the delays stretched on into May it became clear that even if the new space was ready for us to resume normal operations I was going to be physically unable to make enough stock for us to run through me taking a maternity leave. Over the last 10 years in business I have always felt I could (physically or mentally) push through whatever obstacle came our way to keep the business running smoothly... I'm happy to report that being 38 weeks pregnant with extreme carpal tunnel in both hands will humble you into knowing your limits. HA! 

I discussed these heartbreaking delays online and ultimately (with so much loving feedback from so many of you) I made the decision that we would stop accepting orders, temporarily pause operations and Trey and I would take a full maternity and paternity leave.

Making this decision wasn't easy as we've worked hard to build a reputation on being both available and consistent. I know this is an inconvenience for so many loyal customers who have supported us over the last 10 years. We truly do apologize if you are one of those customers!  Ultimately we plan on taking this important time to be together as a family and will be returning better than ever!! 

We value each and every customer and hope you stick around through this transitional period. 

With all the love in my heart!!!!


P.S. If you want to keep up with our reopening you can sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page. Just enter your email in the box and click "Join". We are so excited to be back we are already planning a fun surprise for you all! 

P.S.S. Elise will be on the customer service email while Trey and I are on leave! You are always in great hands with her and can send her questions at 


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