With a zero-waste facility & recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, JuJu's Basics is dedicated to making products that not only help people but the Earth.

Our Sustainability Roadmap


There's nothing landfill-bound here! We are committed to redirecting all waste through reusing, repurposing, and/or recycling everything that would have otherwise been thrown away through our friends at Gather Green!


Our packaging & packing materials are 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable. Additionally, one of our sustainability goals for 2023 is developing a bottle-return program for our customers.


We compost not only our raw materials but remove our daily waste such a food scraps and more.

Multi-Stream Recycling

By taking materials directly to manufacturers, processing labels for creative reuse, and cleaning and sending plastic to other facilities for re-use, we are dedicated to diverting our waste on a larger scale.

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