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Elise here! I am alive and well! If you have not seen Judith's latest Corncob ended up being a girl!! To be honest, postpartum life is a lot of emotions and general crap to wade through, but I wanted to do a blog post to update you all on my postpartum skin as well as what I have been using for MJ‘s skin for these past 4 months!


My skin has gone through a lot of changes since MJ has arrived. I went through an acne phase and more recently (and currently) am in a desert-dry skin phase.  I have been trying to maintain a consistent skin routine because I know that’s what’s best for my skin currently, but honestly have missed the mark sometimes. That said, here is my current routine!

Everyday AM :

 -Wash face with Carrot Sweet Potato soap (an unscented soap, also one of the most gentle soaps we make)

-Spray toner directly on face and let dry

-Apply a vitamin C serum

-Finish by doubling up on moisturizer (first, the Herbal Skin Food Moisturizer and then a tinted one with SPF in it...sunscreen is a must have for everyone)

Judith here: I personally like these three tinted moisturizers/SPF products paired with the Herbal Skin Food. The ILIA Skin Tint, Tower28 SPF, EltaMD with tint.

Everyday PM :

-Wash my face with the Carrot Sweet Potato soap

-Spray toner directly onto face and let dry

-Herbal Skin food moisturizer with 3 to 5 drops of the Restorative Face Oil

-I give that a few minutes to completely soak into my face and then apply essential salve all over my face. Overkill? Nope. This helps with giving your skin a break and keeping all the moisture on your skin by giving it a protective barrier.

With MJ's skin (the sweetest baby skin) we use the Carrot Sweet Potato soap as well. You may see a pattern here. I am always very quick to suggest carrot soap for sensitive skin because I love the smell (light, sweet, know like carrots) and the color makes me so happy because it’s just so bright and fun. MJ has also gone through the skin ringer and has gotten all the acne, cradle cap, diaper rash...all the fun. Currently I am able to breast-feed so I will use my breast milk on her skin for everything and let it dry completely. Then I apply Essential Salve over (I've used it for everything I have mentioned above). If you are not able to breast-feed I have experimented with MJ and the Essential Salve alone worked really well, too!

Again this is not a solution to *everything* but it does check off quite a few boxes and has helped me as well as many of my postpartum mom friends! If you have any questions or have been trying this and it isn't quite working for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at and I would love to help try and problem solve with you!!


OH, and P.S. A follow up from my pregnancy blog, the Essential Salve is a great nipple cream postpartum as well!! 

ELISE and MJ’s Top Product Picks:

-Skincare Mini Kit

-Restorative Face Oil

-Sensitive Skin Starter Kit with the Carrot Sweet Potato as your soap choice.


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