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Shannon - The Happy Skin Project


the happy skin project - good juju herbal


For the launch of our expanded Happy Skin Project we worked with both cancer survivors and cancer patients to give an in depth look into why this project and its simple goal: get quality soap (the cornerstone of any routine) in patients’ hands at no cost to them, is a vital part of better treatment and patient outcomes moving forward. We are so grateful they have allowed us to share their experience and stories below.


Tell Us Your Cancer / Chemotherapy / Radiation / or any story that involves your time with compromised skin.
I was first diagnosed with cancer when I was 23 in 2016 - I underwent 6 rounds of chemotherapy. About a year and a half later in 2018 I was re-diagnosed and underwent chemo, radiation, and a stem cell transplant. Chemotherapy dries you out, but undergoing radiation and a stem cell transplant was a new ball game. My skin was tender all over my body, hurting to the touch. With the transplant your immune system is reset. This leaves you at a higher risk of getting sun burned, bruising, cuts/scrapes don't heal as well. I have always been very conscious of my skin care routine - it was the one thing that I thought I could be in control of during treatment. Especially at a young age (truly any age) it is really hard to go from enjoying looking at yourself in the mirror to dreading it.


How did chemotherapy affect your skin? How did you feel about your skin?
My skin was extremely sensitive and dry. Especially when I had radiation to my chest, my skin was raw. I was extremely self conscious as my skin was the only thing left.
Was there anything that helped your skin during that time?
Unscented moisturizer and peppermint lip balm.
Did you feel that you had good options for your skin? Do you wish that there were more options for skincare during chemotherapy?
I felt like I was on the search my first time around with cancer. My second time I had found some products that were gentle enough on my skin. However, I do think it could've been better.



Our hope is this project will bring tangible solutions and awareness around the broad lack of affordable (or suitable) options for people undergoing treatment for Cancer. Our long term goal is for The Happy Skin Project to be truly impactful nationwide by providing data around better patient outcomes and lobbying for high quality body care products to be covered by insurance as a preventative measure.  

How can you help expand our efforts?

-Share this project with friends and family!

-Purchase a Sunshine Bar for yourself! This bar of soap automatically donates TWO Happy Skin Project Bars to cancer organizations we partner with.

-Purchase a $2 Happy Skin Project Bar through our online listing to give to someone in your life going through treatment. You can also purchase a bar to be donated by us on your behalf at this listing.









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