Product Spotlight: Jasmine & Rose Toner

As you might know I have sensitive, oily, rosacea, acne and eczema prone skin. Really a winning combo. So when I was creating this line of products I knew I wanted to create something that not only my skin needed but that would react well with my skin and work with the other products I was using.  

Toner is the most important part of a skincare routine. Sometimes toner can be overlooked, but it can totally change your skin, enhance your routine, and make the products you're already using more effective. 


Why Rosewater? 

Rosewater is the base ingredient of our toner, which is a naturally effective ingredient when sourced properly. We make sure to use the highest quality because we know that it makes a difference compared to other rosewater products on the market. It's been shown in clinical trails to be highly effective in retaining hydration in the outermost layers of the skin. It's also anti-inflammatory, gentle, and calming; basically the ideal product for sensitive skin. 

Rosewater resets the skins pH back to 5.5 which is slightly acidic. a pH of 5.5. is ideal because your facial skin needs a balance between alkaline and acidity for our acid mantle --- which is the barrier that keeps moisture in and germs/bacteria/toxins out. If your acid mantle breaks down you skin will start to become inflamed causing redness, acne, and general sensitivity. 

Our toner is also formulated with organic aloe and glycerin to be soothing and help the skin retain moisture. Basically - water elements (i.e. rosewater, glycerin, aloe, etc) are what actually hydrate your skin. Then moisturizers (typically emulsified aka a mix of oil and water) and face oils help keep the water in your skin. Once your skin is properly hydrated it will naturally balance itself. 


The Sponge Example

If you've made it this far I highly recommended scrolling to the bottom of the page and watching the demonstration in the video. But if you need to keep reading here are the steps. 

Basically I'm going to show you how a dry sponge (aka your skin) will absorb products. When your skin is damp your products will absorb deeper and more quickly while also trapping in all that hydration. This is why you should wash your face or dampen skin before applying products to ensure that the toner gets in your skin instead of rolling off. The moisturizer will moisturize better, it will penetrate deeper into your skin. 

** The only time you want "totally dry skin" is if you are applying a retinol product because you don't want it to penetrate deeper. The point of retinoids (which are derived from vitamin A) is to turn over the cells on the surface faster. 


The Second Step in Your Routine

Toner will most likely always be the second step in your routine after cleansing/washing. Good for all ages, skin types, and skin conditions (unless of course you have an allergy to rose) 


Other Ways to Use Toner 

You can also use toner throughout the day to give your skin a refresh through the day. 

To set-reset makeup, and/or help soothe rashes/heat rashes.

It can help depuff your face/eyes in the morning. 

Lightly rubbing it on your face in the AM will help move lymph nodes. 

My acid mantle/skin barrier has always been very sensitive so I typically don't cleanse in the AM and instead opt for a pH reset through toner. Since its naturally astringent it will pick up and dirt or oils that are on your skin. 


If you want to try this product but don't want to commit to our larger size, our 2oz travel size toner is in our Skincare Mini Kit (which contains all three basic steps in our skincare routine -- cleanser, toner, and moisturizer). It comes with instructions and its a great place to start. At $31 it should last you 2-3 months and is adaptable/suitable for all skin type/ages.  


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