Product Spotlight: Bar Soap

Does anyone remember my Sunday Skincare Series? 

It was a weekly video that I would post on our Instagram where I discussed one product from the Good JuJu Herbal line each week. Well, I wanted to bring back this weekly highlight, starting with Bar Soap. 

Our flagship product, the first product we've ever made, the bread and butter of our business as some would say. The one that started it all. The one we love so much we created a shirt to tell everyone how cool it is

 The first bar I ever made was our Calming Calendula bar. Its unscented, and one of the biggest bar soaps on the market. 


1.The Moisturizing/Versatile Formula 

Because of my sensitive skin, I needed a basic soap that could do multiple things: wash my body, wash my hair, shave with, use as laundry soap, AND be moisturizing enough to not flare my eczema.  In 2014 there were no affordable options that would work for me, so I needed something that I could use all the time that wouldn't break the bank. 
If any of you have sensitive skin you know that sometimes putting lotions or anything on your skin after a shower can feel terrible. After dealing with impetigo and staph infections, I was desperate for anything that would was made with simple ingredients and kept my skin intact. 


2. The "Cost per Wash" Breakdown (Affordability and Accessibility) 

The cornerstone of this business has always been affordability. This was actually one of the main reasons I started the business. Staring up at $25- $50 solutions for my skin on the shelf was a wakeup call as to the lack of affordable options for sensitive skin, which is why we always keep our bar soaps at $9.80 for a single bar, or 3 for $25 to make sure that these soaps are affordable for all. I know that if some of you look at prices of bar soaps at drug stores this might seem high - but we actually have the same "cost per wash" as Dove bars. Because of the way our bar soaps are formulated, a bar of soap from Good JuJu Herbal could last you up to 6 months (according to our frequent customers). Usually, however, my bar soap lasts around a month and a half to two months because I use it head to toe (to wash my hair, as shaving cream, and body wash). I've found that taking good care of your skin with basic products can save a lot of time and money in the long run when it comes to keeping skin healthy and intact. 

One trick to making your bar soap last the longest is to create a lather on the bar itself, then use your hand or wash cloth to remove the lather and use however you like. 


 3. Sustainable/Palm Oil Free 

Bar soap is always going to be a better choice than body wash when it comes to sustainability. There's no plastic bottles or plastic packaging. Our bar soap always comes in a recyclable paper box and is made with only natural ingredients. 

Our bar soaps are also always made WITHOUT palm oil. Palm oil is actually a really harmful ingredient to the environment. It makes for a hard bar of soap. We use olive oil as our base in our soap, which means our soap is softer and gentler. We also offer a "Package Free" option with all of our products, which allows you to receive your soap without any packaging if you're going that extra mile for the Earth. We are also a zero-waste facility! 


My favorite scent: Unscented Calming Calendula 

I know, how basic. But growing up as an eczema kid, unscented was always my safest bet. Fun fact: I'm actually allergic to cinnamon and can't even use one of our most popular seasonal bars, Cinnamon Oatmeal. That's why I usually stick to unscented bars whenever I can, because I never know whats going to cause a reaction on my skin. And that's fine because I genuinely love this bar! 

If you're trying to determine which soap is right for you --- you can always email us at  

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