What to do about Mask-Ne ?

Now that wearing masks is the new normal, Mask-ne is popping up with a vengeance stronger than we've ever seen. But while we are covering those stubborn breakouts with even more protective coverings, having unclear skin can definitely be a burden on our already fragile mental health.
We have a few tips and tricks for combating stubborn mask-ne and preventing it from popping up in the future.



This seems self explanatory, and usually i'm a fan of washing your face once a day (at night) and just toning in the morning with a lightly astringent toner like our Jasmine and Rose Toner - that way you don't OVER wash your face and bread down your acid mantle, BUT in the situation of mask wearing you are going to need to wash your face really well in the morning as well as night. We're talking 45 seconds of lather time. 

I suggest using our Chamomile and Clay Face Soap for normal/oily/ance prone skin and our Carrot and Sweet Potato Bar for dryer skin. 



While yes, we are saying wear a face mask, we are also saying use a face mask. The Dead Sea Clay Mask is the perfect mask for Mask-ne. It is made to remove impurities, dead skin, and excess oils on your face. 

Dead skin cells on your face are a huge culprit of acne. Bacteria that causes acne feeds off dead skin cells and excess sebum (oil your skin naturally produces) within your pores. We suggest to use it twice a week alone or with a TINY drop of tea tree essential oil to help with mask-ne. It can also be used as a spot treatment on single breakouts. 


A thin layer of the Essential Salve acts as a protective and breathable barrier on the skin thanks to the raw beeswax (which is also anti-fungal). This helps with the physical rubbing on the skin as well as blocking most bacteria from getting in your pores while wearing a mask. We also suggest every night after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, you use a thin layer of Essential Salve to help repair and stregnthen your skin barrier while you sleep. 



While we are supposed to be washing our masks to prevent Covid, washing our maks also helps remove the oils and icky stuff from the mask that can contribute to Mask-ne. 

To wash your mask; use hot water, unscented laundry detergent (we make our own but suggest the brand Charlie's Soap) and white vinegar - which has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. 


If you have any additional questions about Mask-ne - please email 



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