How to Properly Pick Your Face


Let's face it! We all pick at our face. As much as we want to be the one to power through and not do it, its inevitable think of it as looking at a cookie on the table, you know the last cookie you forgot was there and saying "I'm not going to eat that last cookie" but then thinking about nothing but that cookie for twenty minutes until inevitably devouring it. Well that's the same when it comes to picking at your face. 

We've all had the urge to pop that zit, unclog that pore, or whatever new affliction has landed itself smack dab in our foreheads - so we are here to tell you the PROPER way to "pick your face" 

It's so satisfying, theres literally a television show dedicated to it. 

Steps to follow not to damage your pore, spread your breakout, or clog the pore again. 

- Cleanse your face for 45 seconds 

- Put a washcloth under the faucet with as hot as water as you can tolerate to make a hot compress. Press it against your skin for at least 30 seconds - to soften skin and open up your pores, and loosen up anything that is clogging your pore. 

IMPORTANT* - When dealing with zits or breakouts - use 2 q-tips or cotton swabs to press against the zit (I find that it's more gentle to extract) because you don't want to damage the skin around the breakout or blackout. 

You can use an metal extraction tool (see an example here

Don't go too hard on your skin! 



Use a lightly astringent calming toner, like our Jasmine and Rose Toner to cleanse your face again. Spray onto a cotton swab to remove excess and use Witch Hazel on the spots to dry it out and remove inflammation. It also helps keep bacteria out of those spots you just extracted - you can end with our Herbal Skin Food Moisturizer or Restorative Face Oil to help keep pores clean and operating perfectly. 


Again - Don't pick you face if you can help it, but we all know there are times when it happens and we want you to be safe about it! 



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