Look, this gift guide is a flowchart and will point you to a lot of the same gifts, ultimately making the case that GJJH products are good-for-everyone staple products… AKA good-for-everyone gifts. 

If you’re like me and find comfort in confirmation basis when it comes to buying products (cut to me googling a straightening iron I was actively holding in my hand looking for JUST ONE article saying it’s worth 150 bucks) or you are actually stumped on what to gift your second-cousin-who’s-18-and-only-wears-obscure-band-tees...we’ve got the gift guide for you. 

SO! Without further adieu, WELCOME to what we have lovingly dubbed "The Great GJJH Gift Guide of 2021"!* Come ride the ride of the gift guide Kayleigh and I weaved together with our below-average design skills and a whole lot of heart over a few $5.99 Jimmy John’s sandwiches.

*Alliterations are still cool, right?

In short: BAR SOAP IS COOL AND A NO-MISS GIFT. Now choose your own adventure and let us prove it to you! 

Categories are (generally unremarkable):

  • Obscure relationship/situation

Subcategories are (somehow even more unremarkable):

  • By pricepoint ($15 and Under, $30 and Under, The Limit Does Not Exist (“TLDNE” from here on out). 


Follow the flowchart
Scroll until you find your selected category
Click the links
Bask in being a great gift-giver who's ready for all scenarios




Think coworkers, acquaintances, neighbors who have called HOA on you, the forced mom friend who constantly tries to one up you, etc. 

$15 and Under: Soap Gift Set

$30 and Under: Never spend over $20 on your frenemies.

TLDNE: No, really.



Picture this: 

  1. You meet a friend for lunch and from a distance you see a sparkly gift bag. 
  2. You walk into a “casual” gathering and notice EVERYONE brought a hostess gift. 

Good thing you have a gift stashed in the backseat of your car FOR THIS VERY INSTANCE. Stay calm, say “so sorry, I forgot something in my car”, return with said backseat gift. Voila!

$15 and Under: Soap Gift Set (Disclaimer: this is a repeat but it checks all the boxes- affordable, comes wrapped, feels intentional.)

$30 and Under: 3 for $25 Soap Bundle (we recommend the Cinnamon Oatmeal, Peppermint, Blood Orange and Clove combo. Tell us it’s a gift in the notes and we’ll put it in a fancy box!)

TLDNE: Scrub duo! Throw a sticky bow on top of each.



This category was almost dubbed “Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village”. You know the scene: mother, father, family dog...and these people know how to ACTUALLY roast chestnuts on an open fire. They’re wearing matching sweaters and honestly, pulling it off. 

$15 and Under: Soap Gift Set (are you picking up on a theme?)

$30 and Under: Dog salve & soap duo for the dog. 2oz Body Oil and a Bar Soap for your dad (pro tip: dads are historically big fans of Rosemary Tea Tree or Lavender Poppy). Calendula & Rose Scrub and Rose Clay & Geranium Mask for your mom (yes the grand total on this is $34 but...it’s your mom). 

TLDNE: Face oil for your mom (moms love face oil!). Bulk soap for your dad (no fussy packaging and he’s stocked up for the year). And the family dog? He took over your childhood bedroom and you already spent $19 on him. He’s fine. 


You love them. Previous gift exchanges have brought to light clear differences in taste. Last year you got a cramp in your cheek from crafting the perfect smile after opening a gift that you wish had a gift receipt. 

$15 and Under: Soap Gift Set OR a Sunshine Bar if your in laws love to support a cause.

$30 and Under: Good JuJu Gift Set. The addition of the felted soap introduces the perfect opportunity to be doted on by your mother-in-law.

TLDNE: Good call. May we suggest a handwritten note tied to a bar of soap...and an emailed link to a sizeable e-gift card.


 Picture this: 

  1. You drew your sometimes non-verbal teen relative’s name from the hat for the white elephant gift exchange. They always wear band tees and headphones...they’re cooler than you. 
  2. You’re the plus-one at your newly acquired significant other’s family holiday dinner. You know the drill, you’re taking the family pictures.

$15 and Under: May we remind you of the category title. Your reputation is worth more than $15. 

$30 and Under: Bar Soap is Cool Tee for the teen relative (take that band tees). Good JuJu Gift Set for the plus-one scenario (please refer to the explanation provided above in the “In Laws at Large” portion of the gift guide).

TLDNE: THE WHOLE SHEBANG! We suggest some or all our best-selling gifts all wrapped together: a Bar Soap is Cool Tee, 3 for $25 Soap Bundle of your choosing, a Scrub of your choosing, an Essential Salve, a 2oz Body Oil, a Clay Mask of your choosing, and a Lip Balm. This may seem excessive but again...it’s your reputation.




You know the type. Teachers, postal workers, long-term caretakers, the babysitter, the plumber who is eternally unclogging your toilet.

$15 and Under: Soap Gift Set. 

$30 and Under: Scrub and 1oz Essential Salve. Yes this totals $32 but this is angels we are speaking of. 

TLDNE: Any or all of the following - Scrub duo, Clay Mask duo, Lotion Bar, 8oz Body Oil



Hormonal changes happen to the best of us. Think postpartum, puberty, those in a transition, those taking new medications, etc. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s never been in this category. 

We chose to forego price categories because functional staples are the bread & butter of what we do and really fit the bill here. We recommend the Mini Skin Kit, the Sensitive Skin Starter Kit, or a combination of the two. 



We hope you got some good gift ideas and maybe had a little laugh along the way. If you have any questions on products or gifts please email Elise through our customer service email- CustomerService@GoodJuJuHerbal.com or me directly Judith@GoodJuJuHerbal.com



PS - A highly encouraged stocking stuffer: the Happy Skin Bar (if applicable) or Sunshine Bar. Click here to read more about The Happy Skin Project


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