Product Spotlight: Essential Salve

If you're a long time customer or have been following me for awhile, you know that ALL the products on this site were handmade to help my own skin recover from a lifetime of contact allergies and eczema. But if you're new here, let me tell you that, growing up with extreme skin issues, it was always hard for me to find products that worked. You can read more of my personal backstory here. 

Besides our Bar Soap, which I consider our staple product, the Essential Salve comes in as a close second as my favorite product we formulate.

You see, the Essential Salve has been key to maintaining long term results in my own skin care journey with eczema and contact allergies. This product allowed me to get off steroid creams that I had been using my entire life, which was an amazing feat. If you have ever experienced steroid creams you know that they can leave scaring, bleached spots, and make a person even more insecure about their skin than they already were, which is why I wanted to develop something to replace these chemical fixes. 

Of course I had a working knowledge of skin care from my own struggles and experiences, alongside my work at the hospital, but it wasn't until I began formulating the Essential Salve that I really began a deep dive into studying all the various kinds of skin conditions. It was this product that got me inspired to create an entire skin care line that could work as staples (for example our Jasmine and Rose Toner and our Herbal Skin Food Moisturizer). I found myself spending all my spare time reading about skin barriers and all the things that go into maintaining a healthy one. What causes it to break down? How can it be repaired? What key ingredients are most effective? Etc. Etc. 

Eventually I discovered that Organic Perilla Seed Oil  was going to be my go-to ingredient for this product. A cold pressed oil that is rich in vitamins and amino acids. 50-60% of perilla seed oil is Alpha-Linoleic Acid, which helps skin retain moisture and protect against water loss. It also helps improve texture and appearance of the skin, both of which are important if you have damaged skin. 

I also personally love Omega-3 fatty acids for aiding in skin recovery. 

Organic Borage Seed Oil - Helps restore and maintain a healthy skin barrier. Has one of the highest levels of GLA available in a natural ingredient. GLA helps combat inflammation. 

Calendula Infusion - Works to provide relief from stinging, itching, and burning. 

Raw Organic Shea Butter - Has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. This is important because it soaks into the skin easily, is full of anti-inflammatory properties, and forms a soft barrier that seals in lasting moisture. 

Organic Beeswax - Forms a breathable barrier on the skin. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. I will die on the hill that high quality beeswax is the unsung hero of skincare and is one of the most important ingredients to the salve actually being effective. 

Evening Primrose Oil - High in Omega-6 and GLA. EPO helps improve the skin's epidermis and elasticity. 

DISCLAIMER* - I hate when people in skincare act like a product is a silver bullet and will change your life overnight. And while the Essential Salve does have tons of 5 star reviews of it knocking out flare ups in 24 hours, this product was made with one overarching goal ---- to stop/lessen common skin issues from escalating to the point of needing antibiotics/steroids/medication.

Our Essential Salve comes in two different sizes, a 1oz travel size ($10), and a 2oz size to add to your daily skin care routine ($20).  I truly believe this is a good multi-purpose product to have around even if you don't have skin issues. 

Here's all the ways you can use it: 

Cuticles, Cradle Cap, Psoriasis, Eczema, Under Eye Cream, Eye Eczema, Cracked Hands, Lip Balm, Rosacea Friendly, Diaper Rash, Burns or Irritation from Chemo/Radiation Treatment, Tattoos, and as a protectant in the harsh winter climates to keep your skin from getting chapped. 

And it's baby safe! 




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