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For the launch of our expanded Happy Skin Project we worked with both cancer survivors and cancer patients to give an in depth look into why this project and its simple goal: get quality soap (the cornerstone of any routine) in patients’ hands at no cost to them, is a vital part of better treatment and patient outcomes moving forward. We are so grateful they have allowed us to share their experience and stories below. 


Tell Us Your Cancer / Chemotherapy / Radiation / or any story that involves your time with compromised skin.
I have SPTCL - subcutaneous panniculitis-like T Cell Lymphoma. It's a rare form of lymphoma that presents as lumps/nodules all over my body. My form of cancer directly impacts my skin when having an active flareup, and the preventive chemotherapy that I am on can also contribute to dry/sensitive skin.


How did chemotherapy affect your skin? How did you feel about your skin?
Chemo has made me more photosensitive in general, so I react heavily to the sunlight. My skin gets burned very easily these days and I have to be a lot more proactive in my skin care. I've always had somewhat sensitive skin, having had eczema as a kid, so my skin has always been something I worry about in terms of general healthiness and longevity of it.
Was there anything that helped your skin during that time?
Honestly the things that help most are moisturizers or like, healing balms, that are very minimal in their ingredients list and typically unscented. They just seem to help my skin not feel as tight all the time, like leather being stretched? If that makes sense. But in specific, Good JuJu's Essential Salve has been a genuine lifesaver. I use it for everything from tattoo aftercare to sunburn recovery to lip balm.
Did you feel that you had good options for your skin? Do you wish that there were more options for skincare during chemotherapy?
I'm very grateful for the resources that I've had during my journey with lymphoma and chemotherapy, but I do wish that the really good options were made more mainstream. I feel like most of the skincare products that we initially gravitate to are typically really bad for long-term skin health and have a lot of irritants in them. I'm grateful for the options that I have, but I do wish there were more.


Our hope is that this project will bring tangible solutions and awareness around the broad lack of affordable (or suitable) options for people undergoing treatment for Cancer. Our long term goal is for The Happy Skin Project to be truly impactful nationwide by providing data around better patient outcomes and lobbying for high quality body care products to be covered by insurance as a preventative measure.  


How can you help expand our efforts?

-Share this project with friends and family!

-Purchase a Sunshine Bar for yourself! This bar of soap automatically donates TWO Happy Skin Project Bars to cancer organizations we partner with.

-Purchase a $2 Happy Skin Project Bar through our online listing to give to someone in your life going through treatment. You can also purchase a bar to be donated by us on your behalf at this listing.



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