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Okay! Elise here!!! I'm the Customer Service Manager here at Good JuJu Herbal and also VERY one *technically* asked for this, but I decided to take it upon myself as the first Good JuJu Herbal Employee to get pregnant while working here to turn myself into an official tester of products and write a blog post about the best skin care products for pregnancy. When I told Judith this a couple weeks ago, I am pretty sure she thought I lost it completely (Judith here, I’m editing this..this is untrue, everything Elise says is valuable), but here I am writing my blog post thinking she will probably just have her and Kayleigh read it, laugh at me, and not post it (re my last sentiment, this was a great idea from Elise...we are posting it). 

When I found out I was pregnant I could not say I was exactly thrilled. I had gotten my skincare routine down to a perfect science for my skin, and little did I know...hormones would completely throw me back into teenage years x1000. I am simply writing this to hopefully help any pregnant person even in the slightest amount. One thing I have learned in pregnancy is that all of our bodies are different and handle things differently, so this is all what worked for me (and it might work for you). If you try it and it doesn't, please reach out to me at the customer service email where Judith and I will do our best to help you find something to help you during this short but feeling-like-forever long time of body changes. 

Mini Skin Care Kit- Ok I buy the full size versions of all three products, but if you have not used these items in your daily routine I would suggest trying the mini version out first. My first trimester was really rough and I had a hard time motivating myself to do my skin care routine, so I would use the face soap and the skin food twice a day. I personally did not have the toner in my daily routine ever until my second trimester (I have always loved the toner, but my skin before pregnancy didn't need or want it). Now I use the toner literally several times a day cause my skin loves and needs it and it helps balance out everything going on. 

Notes: My first trimester and beginning of my second trimester my skin was SO much more sensitive and dry, so I switched the chamomile and clay face soap to rose clay and geranium in these periods. This helped a lot and every night I would wash, tone, moisturize and then apply a thin layer of essential salve on my face before I went to bed. This helped a lot with keeping moisture in for me, and also serves as a general protective barrier for your skin!

Notes 2.0: My skin threw me for a loop throughout this pregnancy and I complained/still complain to Judith a lot. She told me about the Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask...this is a game changer! It’s helped with acne, dryness, everything. Personally I have used it every other night on my face and 2 nights a week on my back and stomach/chest. It is a little pricey but 100% worth it and you use a lot less than you think you will use...I got it during my second trimester and I still have a little less than a jar left.

Essential Salve- Since I already talked about this I figured I should put it next in the lineup. This is a life saver for life in general but especially helped with my dry skin every night. In addition to the above, I would put on my lip balm every night and then apply essential salve over that as well...overkill you say? Well, try having super dry lips no matter how much lip balm you apply throughout the day and how much water you drink and then you can judge me. <3

Notes: When my belly started growing I would also use essential salve in the couple of areas I would get scratchy from growth in addition to the body oil and lotion bar I was using. Also when your nipples start hurting you can rub a little on them and it is a miracle worker. I’m also planning on using this in lieu of nipple cream when corncob (our collective nickname for the baby) comes...will have Judith update ya'll on that front (Judith here, I will update, thank you to Elise and her nipples for always furthering our market research).

best skin care products for pregnancy

Dead Sea Clay Mask- My acne came in during my First and Second Trimester. While I had a great time as a teenager dealing with acne, my body decided to give me worse acne during pregnancy (and not only on my face but all over my body, so fun.) The dead sea clay mask came in handy with my bad zits that would pop up -- I would just use it as a spot treatment because of my dry skin, but also wanted to make the bottle last as long as possible with the amount I was using (pretty much every other night). 

Lotion Bar and Whole Body Oil: Don't know if I have mentioned it, but my skin got very dry as soon as I got pregnant. And then it also got really itchy when I started showing/growing. At the end of my first trimester I started applying the lotion bar 2-3 times a day because:

1) I was terrified of stretch marks 

2) my skin itched horribly 

3) it felt good 

4) it smelt real nice (I used lavender lemongrass...would highly recommend if you are not allergic to lavender)

On the days I was not really feeling putting in the effort to use the lotion bar I would use the whole body oil. I liked using the combo of these two because of my personal preferences, but also once I got past the major itchy stage I would use the body oil in the mornings and the lotion bar at night before I went to bed as it is a little thicker than the body oil.

best skin care products for pregnancy

Naked Lip Balm- I love this stuff forever and always! I already used this on the daily before pregnancy...and during...and I will for sure after as well. It goes on thick and doesn't smell (good for avoiding pregnancy nausea) and it’s amazing, just try it.

Notes: I would suggest that those without most of the aforementioned products purchase the Good JuJu Gift Set. It includes a felted soap, lip balm, bar soap and felted soap. Also, while I am suggesting, a Sensitive Skin Starter Kit is another great option: it includes one of our blue label bar soaps and an essential salve. I personally lean towards getting carrot sweet potato soap nowadays for my sensitive skin and I plan on using that and essential salve on corncob and I when they make their appearance. 


pregnancy tips for keeping skin looking good

Restorative Face Oil- I have been using this since Judith decided I was worthy enough to become a tester for this product, haha. Before pregnancy I would use this every night with my Skin Food Moisturizer, 2-3 drops depending on how my skin felt. During pregnancy I needed to up my dropage to 4-5 drops with my Skin Food Moisturizer and it has greatly improved my skin’s complexion and texture.


...Felted soap!! Why, you ask? First trimester, no problem. Beginning of the second trimester? I mean, not a big deal. But beyond that, when you get to growing that little sucker in your body and you drop a bar soap while showering?? You are done for.  

I will never stop preaching this until the day I die. You need felted soap when pregnant. I will allow you to choose your scent, your call, but it's just straight up practical and useful, okay? I have not dropped my soap while showering since that terrible day because it provides enough grip for you! SO user friendly. Also, it is super soothing and soft on your skin...this is just a win for all areas in life.

Sorry if this is a run-on of sorts, the pregnancy brain is in full swing. That said, I hope I was helpful and if you are confused/need help please do not hesitate to reach out to me at our customer service email and I would love to help in any way I can! 

-Elise <3 

Judith here again for the last editors note, Elise will be out on maternity leave so if you reach out to in the next few months you will be hearing from either Kayleigh, Jessica, Hannah or I… We have big shoes to fill while Elise is out but we promise to still point you in the right direction. 


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